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LEAD bietet Ihnen eine große Auswahl an Ethernet-Systemlösungen an.

Components IAR-142(+)-3G


•WLAN support up to 150MB/s, •10/100 Port Base-T(X), •1x SIM Card Slot, 3.5G HSDPA, •Highly Security Capability, •DIN-Rail and Wall-mount enabled, •Support NAT Setting (Virtual Server , Port Trigger , DMZ , UPnP), •Versatile modes & event alarm by e-mail, •Various kind of WAN Connection Type supported: Dynamic/Static IP, PPPoE, Modem/Dial Up

Components MC-MRH


Technische Daten/Technical Data: • GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA+, • Ethernet 10/100: 2-Port Switch, • GPIO: 1 x IN / 1x OUT, • 2 x SIM Card, • USB Host, • Power Supply: 10 - 30 V, • Operation Temperature: -25°C - +75°C, • Metal Housing, • DIN Rail Mounting


Funktionen/Functions: • Linux Operationg System, • Web based management, • VPN: IPsec & OpenVPN, • Authentication: X509, Certificate, Pre-Shared Key, PW, • Integrated Firewall, • DHCP Support, • DynDNS Support, • Real Time Clock: NTP Server, NTP Client, • Messaging: E-Mail & SMS, • Connection check, • Automatic Reboot, • Redundancy via backup SIM, • Remote Configuration and FW Update, • USB-Stick Configuration

Components PHS8-P-SM


•HSPA+, Download: 14.4Mbps. / Upload: 5.76Mbps, •UMTS, •Micro SIM, •-30°C to +85°C, •Windows®8, Windows®7, Windows EC, Linux, Android, •51mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 4.75mm (H)