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  • Box PCs
    LES-50 & 51 Serie

    Kompakte anpassbare Box-PC Serie

  • Industrie Mainboards
    Offizieller ASRock Distributor
  • Panel PCs
    LES-100 & LES-200

    LES Box PC Serie ab 299,- EUR

  • Industrie Monitore
    SP-EN Panel PC Serie

    12.1" bis 21.5" Fanless Multitouch Panel PC

  • Komponenten

    Geprüfte Komponenten abgestimmt auf unsere Mainboards

    LES Serie

    Maßgeschneiderte Gehäuse angepasst auf Ihre Anwendung

  • IPC Gehäuse
    LES-2000 & LES-4000

    LES 19" Rackmount Serie ab 449,- EUR

  • 19’’ KVM Lösungen
    19" KVM Lösungen
  • Panel PCs

    Full IP65 geschützter Edelstahl Panel PC



LEAD with its wide range of hardware portfolio can supply any kind of equipment needed for IPC-Systems. This includes Hard Disks, Flash-Memory, CPUs or Main-Memory, also different Operating Systems based on Linux or Windows. If an equipment upgrade is needed or you wish to improve the performance of your Computer systems then we have the right products for you.

 LEAD has the following components on offer:

  • Hard Disk Drives with various capacities and sizes (2,5” or 3,5”)
  • CPUs from different Manufacturers, e.g. Intel®, AMD® or ARM based CPUs
  • Main-Memory with DIMM or SODIMM Slot and different capacities
  • Graphics Cards
  • Audio Cards
  • Modules for WiFi, 3G or GPS Applications
  • Mounting Kits for miscellaneous Displays, Box- and Panel PCs
  • and many more

If you need help to find the right configuration for your company then do not hesitate to contact our team who can give you advice on the right choice of products to make.