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  • Box PCs
    LES-50 & 51 Serie

    Kompakte anpassbare Box-PC Serie

  • Industrie Mainboards
    Offizieller ASRock Distributor
  • Panel PCs
    LES-100 & LES-200

    LES Box PC Serie ab 299,- EUR

  • Industrie Monitore
    SP-EN Panel PC Serie

    12.1" bis 21.5" Fanless Multitouch Panel PC

  • Komponenten

    Geprüfte Komponenten abgestimmt auf unsere Mainboards

    LES Serie

    Maßgeschneiderte Gehäuse angepasst auf Ihre Anwendung

  • IPC Gehäuse
    LES-2000 & LES-4000

    LES 19" Rackmount Serie ab 449,- EUR

  • 19’’ KVM Lösungen
    19" KVM Lösungen
  • Panel PCs

    Full IP65 geschützter Edelstahl Panel PC

OEM/ODM > Made-to-Measure and Quality Control

Affordable Made-to-Measure Components with Quality Control

LEAD has built up a modern production facility in Cologne, Germany. 

What we are able to offer you here is: 

  • Batch production of computer systems

  • Assembling of Mainboards

  • Repair service and Testing

  • Professional quality assurance and quality control

  • Specialized custom-designed testing methods


For the last 20 years, we have been the first choice partner in all these fields of activity and we are proud to have so many satisfied customers today.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Form, so we can realize together with you your customer specific project - also at small quantities.